Thank you for taking your time to visit the Stone Pine Farmhouse website. My Wife Elisa and I are very excited about sharing the vision of our new home with you.

Stone Pine Farmhouse will be a prime example of smart building with a sharp focus on sustainability, home performance, health, comfort and the most efficient and economical use of energy.

We have been fortunate to align with the best of class in terms of architectural design, construction, and interior planning. We have sourced the finest materials, fixtures, finishes, appliances, equipment , furniture and technologies in order to achieve our goals and objectives.

An array of prominent brand companies have provided their state-of-the- art products to demonstrate, educate and inform, allowing Stone Pine Farmhouse to be promoted as a hand-on showcase. During construction and upon completion, our new home will be open to interested parties who will learn about the use and application of a wide variety of building techniques, systems and material options.

We are grateful to all of our sponsors for their willingness to participate in the process as well as provide their products, and we invite you to look at their websites. We welcome you on board and invite you to share this experience with us.


Tim DeKay