Sub-Zero has been committed to being compatible with the environment since its inception more than 60 years ago. As pioneers in Dual Refrigeration, we know that our operating system is the best in the industry. We created it to keep food fresher while using less energy in the long run.  For instance, with Dual Refrigeration, if an item is removed from the refrigerator, a dedicated compressor restores the ideal temperature and humidity without taxing the freezer side. Foods are treated equal and last much longer.  Research has shown that the average family throws away more than $600 annually with single compressor units. With Sub-Zero Dual Refrigeration, that number is cut in half.  Sixteen of our more popular units are Energy Star compliant.  Our largest units only cost pennies a day to operate. The largest unit even uses less power than a 100-watt light bulb.  Our commitment to the environment extends even further to our manufacturing process. We are good stewards for the environment.

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